Lycon Co., Ltd (LYCON) was established with the goal of providing practical business / IT solutions to increase our client’s competitive advantage. With our broad reach of the network across functions area, we assist our clients in solving management issues from complex strategic management/policy issues of operational efficiency improvement and Strategic IT Transformation.
At LYCON, our main objective is to help our clients to become more successful by exploring extraordinary opportunities and identifying appropriate strategic, policy direction through our expertise.
In addition, we also facilitate our clients to transform various functions to fit with the external environment through our change management approach and help our client to monitor large scale projects through the program management office (PMO).
We believe that in order to ensure businesses to be more successful, these key components must be tightly integrated among: Policy and Strategic Management, Organization and Human Capital Management, Process and IT Transformation. Our integrity and professionalism fact-based recommendations would ensure our client full satisfaction.

Define Business Transformation

Plan your direction: Set a course for new growth engine
In a world where change is rapid and un-predictive, management need to be decisive when determining appropriate business strategy that fits with your organization & culture. We’re able to use cutting-edge approaches embedded with our deep industry expertise, working with you to resolve critical choices, and drive enterprise value around growth, Read More

Create Business Insights

Gather customer insights research – generate world class services & solution
Every industry and business is unique, which means you need flexible, customized research programs led by people who understand your competitive world, we team of dedicated business consultant and analysts work with you to develop meaningful insight that helps you stay ahead of the competition. Lycon offers a wide range of consumer research, customer insight services to help you Read More

Enhance Customer Experiences

Enhance Customer Experience through customer engagement
We define tools and technology to help company engage each of your audiences with data-driven messages and experiences that span across channels. Because our services are designed to cover the spectrum-from strategy to enablement to operations we are able to help you create the experiences, relationships, insights, and delivery that you need to be effective.

Define Innovative Solution

Get creative path to move your business forward
Our in-depth industry knowledge helps you define innovation journey. We work with you to challenge assumptions and succeed in taking end-to-end innovation from vision to reality. Lycon help you develop your own signature capabilities, systems, and structures specific to your enterprise through idea, creative strategy, and innovation process.

Optimize Solution with High Impact

Do more with less effort
Lycon can help you capture those insights to create strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining profitable customers. We look at customers from the outside in-turning everyday information into useful and actionable solutions.

Define Change Journey

Manage of Change
Radical business transformation often means a need for a new organization design, culture, and behavior, as well as the right leadership and talent. Lycon is focused on enabling transformations through organization and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. We use a new innovative tools and resources adapted to meet your unique requirements.